What is LDT?

The lymph system is an unsung hero of human health. Like nutrition, it is covered
quickly in medical schools. However, as with growing valuation of nutrition, doctors
are becoming aware of the import and potency of the lymph system (LS) in the
maintenance and recovery of health. It is a complex system responding to many complicated
factors in the body.
Lymph Drainage (pronounced drainahhge, like massage) Therapy is an original hands-on method developed by the French physician and research scientist Dr. Bruno Chikly. The technique enables practitioners to detect the specific rhythm, direction, depth and quality of the lymph flow. For
recipients, the process is pleasurable and induces deep states of relaxation. It involves gentle manual maneuvers to attain and sustain proper functioning of the LS. The LS, a circulatory system running parallel to the blood circulatory system and going almost everywhere in us, is critical to the body’s ability to maintain proper fluid balance, detoxify, regenerate tissue, filter out foreign substances and maintain a healthy immune system. When the LS is not working well, fluids, proteins (cellular proteins,
not the kind in food), metabolic waste and toxins accumulate and the body’s ability to maintain
a healthy state is seriously compromised. This leads to physical ailments and hastens the aging process.
LDT can be applied to the whole body or just the face protocol may be used. For the face, when
LS function is sub-optimal, we see a darkening of the skin around the mouth, puffiness above and below the eyes,wrinkles at the brow, lack of tone at the chin line, etc. The face protocol includes the face, cranium, neck and shoulders. It is well indicated to:

  • Relieve puffiness around eyes, chin,back of neck, etc.
  • Even skin tone and texture, an indicator of overall health
  • Drain sinuses; improve breathing
  • Relieve headache and migraine
  • Improve hearing and visual acuity
  • Support the immune system, for issues from cancer to children’s repeated ear infections
  • Enhance brain function, sharpening memory and coordination
  • Calm mind from over thinking and normalize moods

The whole body protocol addresses the front and back and alleviates pain and
swelling deep in the body and at a superficial level.

  • LDT helps with conditions such as fibromialgia,insomnia, depression, and obesity
  • can reduce or eliminate the use of medicine for some people. This is true even with insulin, high blood pressure and pain medications.
  • It is very helpful before and after surgery, promoting among other things, healthy and minimal scar formation.

Conditions which remain resistant to a mainstream medical approach often respond readily to Dr. Chikly’s LDT.
While this is a gentle and non-invasive technique, it is not indicated:
With acute stage sinus, ear or other infections, and with fever.
For those who are pursuing Botox Therapy
For those with blood clots, or acute, serious heart problems
During a herpes outbreak

A treatment session is comprised of gentle manipulation that assesses, then stimulates
the circulation of bodily fluids. Pressure used varies according to the recipient;
however, the fundamental weight of the pressure exerted is five grams, the weight of a nickel.

The activating force in LDT is the gentle stretching of the skin or underlying tissue in accord with lymphatic rhythm and direction. It is not based on manipulation of muscle mass or pressure per se.

Itis a profound technique that is uniquely useful to those for whom needle-based modalities are not an option.
Because the technique is so gentle and fast acting, it is ideal for children and helps
with the growing process, learning disabilities, ear infections, etc.

For teens, itis used for stress management, acne, and hormone balancing. LDT is also used with
animals, having many practical veterinary applications.
In addition to its use for health maintenance, LDT has specific application in pathology, with special functionality for edema and lymphedema. It is a life-saving modality and is regarded as a standard
scientific practice throughout Europe. It is gaining more recognition in the United States – both from healthcare providers and national insurers such as Medicare.
Practitioners of LDT can be found at www. upledger.com in the Upledger International Association of Healthcare Practitioners Directory and at (800) 233-5880.

Written by Jane Shepard, who holds an M.Ed inPhilosophy of Education from Temple U niversity, and an L.L.C.C. from the Upledger Institute, has a private practice specializing in Meridian and Lymphatic
Drainage Therapies. She is a homeopathic educator, and is a certified Shiatsu practitioner.
What does it offer?
It is a profound technique that is uniquely useful to those for whom needle-based modalities
are not an option.