I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped:

For more than 10 years, I suffered from chronic neck and back pain. I tried medication and physical therapy, but they only provided temporary relief. As the conditions in my neck and back continued to deteriorate my days were filled with constant pain. This affected my ability to do many things. I had given up on ever getting any long term relief from my symptoms until I sought treatment from Jane Edmonson. Within 2 weeks of seeing her for cranial sacral therapy, I was alreadly feeling better. By the time a month passed, I realized that the chronic daily pain I used to eperience was barely noticeable. I am now able to do many of the things that used to aggrevate my symptoms and I recover more quickly from them. I would highly recommend this form of therapy and the experitse of Jane Edmonson                                  

Annie, Austin, TX

I went to Jane for a massage a couple of years ago. Through the course of conversation as she worked on me, Jane realized I had been dealing with the same pain for years. I had been hit by a car at age four and the injury suffered started a chain reaction that has lasted a lifetime. I was clipped on the chin by the car which jammed my jaws back causing pain in not only my jaws, but also my neck and shoulders. As Jane started working on me using the craniosacral method, I experienced the most relief from pain I had had in years. The tightness has also lessened and now I can turn my head from side to side with much less pain and stiffness. I would recommend Jane for any of the services she offers and will contiunue to go myself as needed. Thanks Jane, for all your help and relief.                  

Sharon.Round Rock, TX

 Jane is a very intuitive and talented healer. Her abilities in cranial sacral work have made a big difference in my life. I can always count on Jane's  accuracy in recognizing where my blockages and imbalances are, and her extraordinary ability to work with that energy and create a balance. She has a true gift with her healing hands and warm heart. I highly recommend Jane to anyone seeking to heal on a deep and profound level."

 Ali,Leander, TX